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Apr. 8th, 2007

heroic emts save the day... well, sorta

only at morrisonville ems will 2 emts save the day in this fashion:

picture it... sicicily.... no just kidding

so im outside talking to my girlfriend and my roommate, both of which are sitting in my jeep, when i happen to look up and there is a llama like creature in the front yard of the station. imagine the response from denise and crystal as i suddenly exclaim "OH!!! theres a llama in front" and suddenly dart across the parking lot yelling for them to yell to matty (my partner) to come down and see the llama. yeah, it was pretty funny. what can i say, banker road is pretty well traveled and i didnt want the llama to get hit.... so after about 10 mins of chasing the llama around the station and into the neighbors yard, i realize that i have a 20ft dog leash in my car. anyone who happend to drive by must have been laughing hysterically at 2 emts and 2 girls chasing this animal around. we finally caught it and returned it to the petting zoo up the road. much to the owner's relief. come to find out it wasnt a llama at all, but an alpaca... who knew??? anyways, so this is what i do at work.... scary huh?

Dec. 25th, 2006

christmas, codes, racial hate films and life as we know it....

well its xmas morning and i was up at the ass crack of dawn again. its hard to be in the holiday spirit when you have to work a 12 hour shift on xmas. thoughts of why i continue to do this job nag at the back of my head. i said it last night and matty reinforced it this morning when i got to work... garbage men make more money then we do. thats a sad fact, but a truthful one. im sure 90% of garbage men have never been unable to sleep at night due to nightmares caused from their job, they get holidays off, im pretty sure that they dont need to go through 160hrs of training every 2 years, they dont have to listen to codes go out at 6:30 in the morning. all in all, its kinda depressing. this morning was going good until the code went out for the city. its depressing that someone was last seen alive and moving 2 and a half hours before and now they are dead on xmas. sometimes i have a really hard time doing this job. its not like we ever get a thank you. people abuse the system all the time, but never say thanks, just something like.. "what took you guys so long to get here?" forget the fact that there is 2 other calls going off in the district and they have taken our ambulance out of service because that person has a back ache. frustrated? yes. burnt out? probably. still love my job? most days. there is definitly something wrong with the system. too many politicians have no clue as to what we do and why we do it. yeah its great to have volunteers... cheap. but what they dont realize is that volleys dont have the time to commit to 160 hrs of als time, they have jobs and families to support. you can always tell the politicians that have never had a fire, never needed ems. they are the first ones to say lets cut their budgets! its a sad society that will give a fire department a half a million dollar budget to stop a fire from possibly destroying their personal possessions, but will only give an ems agency (who in fact goes to that same fire) a little over one hundred thousand. does the fire department here in morrisonville really need coldwater rescue gear??? when was the last time someone drowned in morrisonville? (some how i think those words are going to come back and haunt me) but i can guarentee you that a new monitor with 12 lead capability will save someones life here in our district. goes to show that people place more value on possessions then peoples lives. again, ill remind you that the garbage man makes more money than me.

different topic

we watched american history x this morning. great movie. it stars edward norton and edward furlong. its about 2 brothers that are both skin heads. great movie, highly recommended. teaches that hate just breeds more hate and at some point its got to stop. anyways, im done with my rant. peace, love, and merry fucking xmas

Nov. 28th, 2006

L-word chart and why it will never be accurate

the other night the girls and i decided to make a chart like they have on the lword. the last few days ive been doing alot of thinking on it and ive come to some conclusions.... the thing will never be accurate. its based on honesty and i know that at least one girl at the table wasnt completely honest about it. we all know thats shes slept with someone that she wouldnt fess up to. girlbox, you know what im talking about. the other thing is, the only way for it to be remotely accurate would be to ask each and every person on the chart. i dont know about you, but there are some people on there that 1) i have no freaking idea how to get in touch with and 2) there are some people on there that i dont want to get in touch with. all in all, the chart thing was interesting... im not sure i like the fact that im a sub-hub and so are at least 2 of my exs. that kinda freaks me out a bit. of course.... at least i didnt sleep with all the hubs. that was my one bright spot during the entire thing. that and as far as i know im not connected to any family members. kinda creepy, kinda disturbing. anyway, i guess i have to do some work... i think thats what they pay me for.... maybe

Oct. 25th, 2006

(no subject)

You know you're an E.M.T. or paramedic if:

1) You have the bladder capacity of five people.

2) You have ever restrained someone and it was not a sexual experience.

3) You believe that 50% of people are a waste of good air.

4) Your idea of a good time is a shooting or a car crash (Rollover).

5) You put your finger on the emergency button on your radio when anyone seems friendly towards you.

6) You believe in the aerial spraying of Prozac and birth control pills.

7) You disbelieve 90% what you hear and 75% what you see.

8) You have your weekends off planned for a year.

9) You believe the government should require a permit to reproduce.

10) You refer to your favorite restaurant by the intersection at which it's located.

11) You have ever wanted to hold a seminar entitled: "Suicide...getting it right the first time."

12) You ever had to put the phone on hold before you begin laughing uncontrollably.

13) You think caffeine should be available in IV form.

14) You believe anyone who says, "I only had two beers" is going to blow more than a .15.

15) You find out a lot about paranoia just by following people around while driving.

16) If anyone has ever said to you, "There are people dying out there and you are here eating lunch."

17) People flag you down on the street and ask you directions to strange places...and you know where they're located.

18) You can discuss where you are going to eat with your partner while standing over a dead body.

19) You are the only person introduced at social gatherings by profession.

20) You walk into places and people think its high comedy to seize their buddy and shout, "They've come to get you, Bill."

21) You do not see daylight from November until May.

22) People shout, "I aint sick!" when you walk into a room and think they're being hugely funny and original.

23) A week's worth of laundry consists of 5 t-shirts, 5 pairs of socks, and 5 pairs of underwear.

24) You've ever referred to Tuesday as "my weekend", or "this is my Friday".

25) You've ever written off cell phone bills and sun glasses as a business deduction.

26) You believe that unspeakable evils will befall you if anyone says, "Boy, it sure is quiet tonight."

27) Discussing dismemberment over a meal seems perfectly normal to you.

28) You find humor in other people's stupidity.

29) You have left more meals on the restaurant table than you've eaten.

30) You've been asked at least a million times "what's the grossest/worst call you've ever seen/been on?"

Oct. 21st, 2006

rock and roll top 100

so im reading this book by john sanford and he poses the question what songs would you put on an ipod if you could only fit 100 songs? right now i wanna stick with just rock and roll... no chick, country, or alternative music. im going to post his top 100 then eventually post mine. i will agree with him on a few. for instance, "any decent road trip will start with zz top."

1. zz top - sharp dressed man
2. zz top - legs
3. wilson pickett - mustang sally
4. crash test dummies - superman's song
5. david essex - rock on
6. golden earring - radar love
7. blondie - heart of glass
8. jefferson airplane - white rabbit
9. jefferson airplane - somebody to love
10. derek and the dominos - layla
11. the doors - roadhouse blues
12. the animals - house of the raising sun
13. aerosmith - sweet emotion
14. aerosmith - dude looks like a lady
15. bruce springsteen - dancing in the dark
16. bruce springsteen - born to run
17. bruce springsteen - thunder road
18. the police - every breath you take
19. tom waits - heart of saturday night
20. van halen - hot for teacher
21. the who - wont get fooled again
22. gipsy kings - hotel california
23. tracy chapman - gimme one reason
24. creedence clearwater revival - down on the corner
25. eagles - lyin eyes
26. eagles - life in the fast lane
27. dire straits - skateaway (rollergirl)
28. tom petty and the heartbreakers - mary jane's last dance
29. janis joplin - me and bobby magee
30. the doobie brothers - black water
31. joan jett and the blackhearts - i love rock n roll
32. john mellencamp - jack and diane
33. pink floyd - another brick in the wall (part 2)
34. pink floyd - money
35. billy joel - piano man
36. eric clapton - after midnight
37. eric clapton - lay down sally
38. ac/dc - you shook me all night long
39. ac/dc - dirty deeds done dirt cheap
40. the hollies - long cool woman (in a black dress)
41. bob dylan - like a rolling stone
42. bob dylan - knockin on heavens door
43. bob dylan - subterranean homesick blues
44. the rolling stones - satisfaction
45. the rolling stones - brown suger
46. the rolling stones - sympathy for the devil
47. sex pistols - anarchy in the uk
48. grateful dead - sugar magnolia
49. the pointer sisters - slow hand
50. eurythmics - sweet dreams
51. elvis presley - jailhouse rock
52. david bowie - ziggy stardust
53. bob seger - night moves
54. the everly brothers - bye bye love
55. jimi hendrix - purple haze
56. the kinks - lola
57. jackson browne - tender is the night
58. the kingsmen - louie, louie
59. george thorogood - bad to the bone
60. metallica - turn the page
61. lynryd skynyrd - sweet home alabama
62. queen - we will rock you
63. allman brothers - ramblin man
64. led zeppelin - rock and roll
65. tina turner - whats love got to do with it
66. steppenwolf - born to be wild
67. u2 - with or without you
68. black sabbath - paranoid
69. foreigner - blue morning, blue day
70. billy idol - white wedding
71. guns n roses - sweet child o' mine
72. guns n roses - knockin on heavens door
73. guns n roses - paradise city
74. lou reed - walk on the wild side
75. bad company - feel like makin love
76. def leppard - rock of ages
77. van morrison - brown eyed girl
78. mitch ryder and the detroit wheels - devil with a blue dress on
79. aretha franklin - respect
80. john lee hooker, bonnie raitt - im in the mood
81. james brown - i got you (i feel good)
82. the righteous brothers - unchained melody
83. prince - little red corvette
84. chuck berry - roll over beethoven
85. the byrds - mr. tambourine man
86. crosby, stills, nash, and young - ohio
87. buddy holly - peggy sue
88. jerry lee lewis - great balls of fire
89. roy orbison - pretty woman
90. del shannon - runaway
91. run dmc - walk this way
92. otis redding - sittin on the dock of the bay
93. nirvana - smells like teen spirit
94. paul simon - still crazy after all these years
95. bo diddley - who do you love?
96. brewer and shipley - one toke over the line
97. ramones - i wanna be sedated
98. the clash - should i stay or should i go now?
99. talking heads - burning down the house
100. dmitri shastakovich - jazz suite no. 2:waltz 2

ok i know that last one doesnt fit, but you would have to read the book to understand. anyways, when i get home from work tonight im going to start my own list. this should be interesting. i like alot of the songs hes got on this one, others, i havent even heard of. narrowing it down to 100 is going to be the hard part.

Oct. 20th, 2006

no life

ive come to the conclussion that i have no life. granted, i have friends that i hang out with, but we really dont do much besides drink, cook dinner, eat, and play cards. im not really bitching about that, i like doing those things. im bitching about the fact that i have nothing better to do with my time at 7am then play on the computer. i forgot to bring my book with me to work, so the computer it is. oh and if i do do something different with my friends, i always manage to get hurt somehow. take for example wednesday. my father was working on my jeep ($250 later its fixed), while trying to be nice, i jacked it up and took off the tires for him. in the process of doing that i managed to drop one of the tires on my foot. 2 days later, it still hurts. i knew i had to get to p'burgh so i called melissa to come and get me, which she did (thank you sissy). i get to my friend shelly's, to help her clean out her basement and realize too late that the rafters down there are the right height for some one thats 5'8, but not someone who's 6'1. i have a nice lump on the top of my head. out in the driveway, loading up the truck, megan and i decided that if we broke up some of the old furniture we were taking to the dump we would be able to fit more of it in the truck. it was great being able to destroy something after the morning i had, until i almost broke my toe kicking a leg off an old table. we get to the dump (maybe our 3rd trip) and i turned to throw something into the big, steel bin and my foot slipped in between the concret wall and the bin, twisting my ankle. see why i drink now?? to top it all off, i go back home to pick up my jeep, bend down to pet my cat, and nail my forehead on one of the kitchen chairs (another bump). good times! well i made it through that day alive and in one peice. yesterday i didnt do a whole helluva lot. watched movies and tried to make a dvd out of all the pics from this summer. i realized that just because i bought the music from itunes, i cant use it on the dvd because nerovision doesnt recognize the itunes format...gggrrrrr. after about 2hrs, i finally quit and took the dog for a walk. on a different note, i really need to do something with the format for my livejournal page. it looks way too blah. that and i need to put some pics up on it. anyways, i need to find somehting to do here at work besides play on the computer all day.

Oct. 12th, 2006

waking up to the dead

this morning i was sound asleep at work. no thats not a big deal, we do it all the time. anyways, the pager keep going off for the normal run of the mill type calls in other districts. as usual, my head would pop up off the pillow and i would be sound asleep before it fell back onto it when i realized it wasnt our call. at 8:30ish this morning, the tones went out for a neighboring department. 2car motorvehicle accident w/ serious injury and entrapment. thinking that we might actually go to this, i woke up and went downstairs. my partner had already grabbed the portable radio out of the fly car. deciding that we both wanted to wake up and have a cigarrette before dealing with people, i grabbed a cup of coffee and met him outside. command had just arrived on scene and BJ was giving an update to dispatch. both cvph rigs were enroute, every peice of equipment from the host department was enroute, and they were asking for jaws mutual aid. time goes by, one cigarrette gone, lets light up another. dispatch comes on the radio and asks command for another update... how many patients. at this time, im looking at matt, hes looking at me, both of us are ready to drop our cigarrettes and climb into our gear. command answers.... "one serious and a definite fatality. can you dispatch car 12 and find out were the mutual aid is with the other set of jaws?" its at that point right that i realize why i act the way i do, why i live my life like i do. its "funny" that something that you arent even seeing or having to deal with can make a lasting impression on you. motor vehicle accidents in particular have that effect on your life. just hearing the call makes your blood start to pump faster, adrenaline start flowing, you breath a little quicker. those are just your body's responses. mentally, your hoping its just your run of the mill fender bender, maybe a bruise or minor injury to some idiot that wants to be drinking and driving or play around with everyones lives while driving a 2ton vehicle. but i can assure you, once you've been to a bad accident, you dont want to go to another bad accident. i still wake up sometimes in a cold sweat from nightmares about the things ive seen. i dream about stepping over the dead baby covered with a sheet on the side of the highway, just so i can give care to the person that was driving the car. Or seeing the boot of a motorcyclist right next to his bike, but he's fifty feet into the woods and you cant help but be confused as your looking at it, wondering "how did that happen???" its shit like that that makes you think. you cant help but take it with you in your everyday life. i refuse to grow up and act my age. why? because life is too fucking short. i dont care if i die at 90, its still too young. if i die tomorrow, so be it, ill know i've lived my life as i wanted to and had fun the entire way. people can work their whole lives and save every dollar. but whats going to happen if suddenly your dead? granted if you have kids, you have something to pass along to them, but dont you think that they would rather have said that they remember playing football with mommy or daddy, or remember going to the pumpkin batch with them, instead of, mommy or daddy was always working. its a scary thing to realize your own mortality. it leaves you feeling kinda jaded. i do this job because i like to help people. i also do it cuz i get to ride in the ambulance with lights and sirens screaming driving up rt 3. anyways, pagers going off again so i gotta go.

Oct. 2nd, 2006


i have come to the conclusion that being a lesbian is pretty much being a different form of a masochist. wtf? do any of us women know how to make up our minds??????? i know im as bad as the next person, but not about certain things. i always take other peoples feelings into consideration, even if i dont like the other person. sex is one thing.... if thats what you want is sex, say so. dont lead people on to make it sound like you want more then that. she needs to make up her fucking mind. does she want her or me?? cuz she cant have it both fucking ways. im about ready to tell her to go fuck herself, i dont need this god damn headache anyways. ok, that said..... it was a very interesting weekend. i got kissed by someone who is like a sister to me. that was very odd. she thought she was doing a good thing cuz i was flirting with a girl at the bar and she, and my other friends, decided that i was too intoxicated to make a rational decision. well, they were partially right, but then i just followed up on it the next night. i felt horrible about kissing my friend because she has a girlfriend who i am also very good friends with. ever try having someone kiss you while you are laughing hysterically at them??? it doesnt work very well. oh well. her girlfriend knows about it and was very cool about it. i got a rash of shit when i went over there the next day, but i guess in a way i kinda deserved it. she understood what was going on and how intoxicated we both were. so ok, back to the other girl. i had been making out with her, then went back in the bar... thats when my friend decided to lip lock me in front of her. confusing, i know. the next night, we hung out where she works and caught a cab with her. she gave me a really nice kiss good bye when the cab dropped her off. i went back to my other friends house and my cell phone started ringing. this girl and i talked for a while and i ended up taking a cab back over to her house. we started off talking about mutual attraction, things we had in common, blah, blah, blah. both being drunk, one thing led to another, we had sex. i know that we both talked about going slow with things... lord knows im not over my ex yet anyway. but today i checked out her myspace page and she had written a blog on 9/26 about how much she liked this girl and how they were hanging out all the time, how she was everything that she ever wanted, get the picture? i was going through the dates in my head.... today is 10/2, we had sex on 9/30.... see the problem here? so do i ask her about it? do i just hang out with her and see what happens from here? wtf do i do? i have a feeling i know what she is talking about in the blog and if it is who i think it is, she was at the bar that night too and nothing was going on with the two of them. plus the other girl is a skank. i know im not perfect by any means, but i know im better looking then her, i have a good job, plus i have a much better personality then her. so whats a girl to do huh?

Aug. 30th, 2006

quitting smoking

so its been 3 days with only 10 cigarrettes..... im gonna fucking kill someone! actually, i cant say that. ive been in a pretty good mood considering. the cravings could stop anytime now. they usually dont get too bad unless im really bored, so work really sucks right now. i havent killed matt yet so i guess thats a good thing. i think im just looking for excuses to smoke. like hanging out with sissy, aka the chimney, or being bored.